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residential home tile roof before and after aqua force pressure cleaning service
residential home tile roof during aqua force pressure cleaning washing service
residential home tile roof before and after aqua force pressure cleaning washing service

Low Pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

You may have heard your family or friends talking about low pressure soft washing their homes roof. But what is soft washing? Is it really as effective as pressure washing? & Why should you consider it?

Let’s start with what is making your roof look black. The culprit is Gloeocapsa Magma  also known as algae which is common on roofs and will leave black streaks running down shingles or roof tiles depending on which roof type you have. While the roof is black from algae growth it loses its ability to reflect light. This can cause excess heat to accumulate in your attic and lead to a warmer home and high electric cost. Algae, and mold thrive in South Florida’s humid and tropical climate. It will grow, spread and worsen very fast once it appears. Algae will have destructive, and harmful effects on your roof if not removed in a timely manner. Not maintaining your roof can take up to 10 years off the life of a roof. We all know roofs aren’t cheap to replace so we can’t urge you enough to maintain yours for maximum longevity and life.

Pressure washing a shingle roof, even at low pressure can cause premature granular loss, and will void your warranty. Soft washing will kill and remove any and all organic substances safely from the roof. After the process is complete your roof will look just as good as when it was brand new!  The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association actually recommends low-pressure bleach or detergent assisted washing as the only preferred method for cleaning asphalt roofs in order to prevent damage to the properties shingles.

What chemicals are most commonly used to Soft Wash a roof?

  • Sodium Hypochlorite  – This will kill any algae, mold, mildew, and any other substance growing on your roof instantly.
  • Water – This is included to dilute the mixture down to the desired effective percentage needed to get the job done effectively and safely.
  • Cleaning Surfactant – Is a solution added to the the cleaning equation that will slow down the run off time on the roof. This will lessen the needed amount of chemicals being applied to the roof making them clean more effectively and also minimizing run off.

How is the low pressure soft wash roof cleaning applied?

First, we will prepare the surrounding area and protect any plants or vegetation you have around the roof line of the property.  Then we will apply the soft wash solution by using a low pressure pump that uses 60 psi to apply the cleaning solution. This is even less pressure than your homes garden hose! On our trailers we utilize high end professional proportioner systems that mix a specific amount of SH, surfactants, soap, and water. This is done by adjusting each components different valve to allow a precise amount of each to be applied depending on the strength needed to clean for your specific job.
residential home tile roof before aqua force pressure cleaning washing serviceresidential home tile roof after aqua force pressure cleaning washing service