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Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning


Whether you’re looking to have your roof, walls, pavers, driveway, patio, fence or literally any other exterior surface you can think of pressure cleaned, Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning should be your top and only choice. We have been in business since 2010 and have tons of experience with every different aspect of our business both for residential properties and for commercial properties. You can trust that everyone of our highly trained staff will do an amazing job at your residence, HOA community, or your commercial property. By using only top of the line equipment, training our staff to the best industry standards, and using the latest and greatest products available on the market assures you that your property will be left looking nothing short of incredible when we are finished with the service.

At Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning our customers are everything to us. That’s why customer satisfaction, and making sure everything we do is done safely, and effectively are our top priorities. You can trust our team will be in constant communication with you from the time you schedule your appointment, to the courtesy call we will give when our technicians are on the way, and all the way to the end of the appointment when we look over the work we performed to assure your 100% satisfied with the level and quality of service we provided for you. Don’t wait to schedule your cleaning service. Please Give us a call today to make your property look it’s best again!

Hot Water vs. Cold Water


What’s the difference?

Because both Hot and Cold water pressure washers have models with the same flow rate, pressure, and capability, it raises the question: why do you need hot water pressure washing services when everything else is the same? The answer is as close as your kitchen. You’ve just had a spaghetti dinner and it’s time to wash the dishes. You fill one sink with cold water and the other with hot water. Even with a heavy amount of soap in the cold water sink, hot water will still clean more effectively.


We learned in school how everything is made up of atoms that bond together to form molecules. These tiny molecules are in constant motion. The energy from rising temperatures causes molecules to collide with each other. So as the water becomes hotter the molecules move faster and faster. In other words, hot water is packed with energy that is released into the cleaning equation to make a knock out cleaning punch. This energy also causes a reduction in the water’s surface tension so that it can now penetrate more easily and effectively the molecules of grease, oil, mold, mildew, and grime. Hot water also kills the bacteria, and mold increasing the time the surface will stay clean and saving you money on frequent cleanings. Actually, there are three key elements heat, agitation and soap that successfully remove dirt. Here’s how each works:

Heat as described above, creates a high-speed molecular action that reduces the water’s surface tension so it can effectively penetrate all sorts of Algae, mold, mildew, grease and grime at the molecular level resulting in unsurpassed cleaning results that will outlast cold water cleaning methods.
Agitation is the impact that comes from the water volume and water pressure hitting the surface.Cold water pressure cleaning provides this element and does do a great job at cleaning “most” surfaces.

Finally, Soap or Chemicals break the bond between the dirt and the surface. Chemicals use softening agents, technically referred to as “surfactants” (an abbreviation for “surface active reagents”) to emulsify the oil and grease. Emulsification is the process in which two or more miscible liquids, like oil and water, no longer repel each other but actually mix. Once the oil and water are able to mix forming an emulsion, the dirt still clinging to the oil and grease is carried away in the wash water. Hot water pressure cleaning brings together in perfect balance all three of these key elements: Heat, Agitation and Soap to deliver the most effect and longest lasting pressure cleaning service.  At Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning we pride ourselves in providing you with unbelievable results at an unbelievable price! So whether you choose cold water pressure cleaning or hot water pressure cleaning. We know you will be 100% satisfied with the finished results you receive. Please call us today for a free no hassle quote. We hope to hear from you and look forward to earning your business. 

Roof Cleaning


One of the main responsibilities that comes with owning a home or commercial building is addressing the need for roof maintenance. Your rooftop is one of the most important features on your building to care for; it is responsible for acting as the first line of defense against the elements.

Mold, moss and algae are common issues you may notice, due to our Florida climate. Our state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions will restore and beautify your home’s roof! Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning assures incredible, long-lasting results with no leaks or damage. And no cracked barrel tires. Guaranteed.



First impressions count. Your driveway is often the main entrance to your home and one of the first noticed features. Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning offers a signature driveway treatment that looks better, lasts longer and can be completed in half the time – without the swirls or zebra lines often seen by our competitors.

Our highly trained & insured technicians will restore your home’s driveway with our modern pressure cleaning equipment! Pressure washing your home’s driveway can remove mold, mildew and more. It’s a fast, effective and eco-friendly upgrade to your property.



Getting professional sidewalk cleaning taken care of is important for a number of reasons. However, even more important is making sure that you find the right pressure washing expert to partner with, in order to get the job done.

Here at Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning we have been offering our clients the best in a variety of essential exterior cleaning work, including superior quality sidewalk cleaning in Broward county and Palm Beach county.

We work with both residential and commercial clients in order to address the need for sidewalk cleaning. Don’t let months or even years of built up grime ruin the appearance of your walkways.



Have you noticed some organic growth and unpleasant blemishes on the walkways around your home? You might attempt to wash these yourself, spending hours of time and energy to get them fully cleaned, only to discover that the growth has returned a few months later.

When you hire Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will provide you with a quality, long lasting clean to your home’s walkways. With our specialized equipment, we’ll thoroughly clean your walkways with the highest level of care and detail, giving them that fresh, bright, and revitalized appearance.

Whether they’re concrete, brick, stone, or any other material, be sure to request a quote for cleaning your walkways on your free estimate today!

Patios | Pool Decks | Patio Furniture


Reclaim your outdoor living area from dirt and grime with professional patio cleaning. Here in sunny South Florida, an outdoor living area such as a patio can add significant value and enjoyment to your home.

However, this is only true if you keep your patio clean and attractive. A dirty, grimy, algae-coated patio is hardly inviting for private relaxation or for entertaining.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get the professional patio cleaning services you need to make your patio beautiful again. All you have to do is call Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning. We can clean any kind of patio surface you have including furniture!

Screen Enclosures


Pool deck dirty? Screen enclosure covered in green? Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning can remove the mold, mildew, and algae that has made its home in your pool cage. Pool enclosure cleaning is time consuming and it takes a gentle, low pressure approach to safely clean them.

The aluminum frame and screen must be sprayed from every angle to remove all the contaminants. If too much pressure is used, the screen can be stretched or blown out and the pool deck can chip or peel. We let our cleaning detergents do the work for us. We can then proceed to rinse the pool area clean with low pressure. Give us a call to schedule your cleaning today. Sit back, relax, and leave the cleaning to us!

Walls | Windows


Cleaning walls and sidings with a power washer to get rid of grime, algea or mold makes such a big difference to your home. The subtropical climate here South Florida poses a problem to everyone, who owns a home or commercial building.

Year round, the outside of your Florida home battles the sun, humidity, rain and high winds and accumulates lots of grime and dirt, which does attack the paint of your walls or siding. In addition to that, algae, mold and mildew settle on outside surfaces and start ‘munching away’ on it. It is recommended to pressure wash a house once a year or every 2 years to keep the paint looking fresh and the siding looking clean like new. This way you will save dollars because you need less paint-jobs over the years.

Regardless the kind of material your siding or exterior walls are made of, pressure washing is suitable for all types and guarantees the best cleaning results. In Florida we mainly find aluminum-, vinyl- and some wood siding as well as stucco and fiber cement to imitate the look of wood.

Privacy Walls


Cleaning walls and sidings with a power washer to get rid of grime, algae or mold makes such a big difference to your home. The subtropical climate here in the South Florida poses a problem to everyone, who owns a home or commercial building.

Year round, the outside of your Florida home battles the sun, humidity, rain and high winds and accumulates lots of grime and dirt, which attacks the paint of your walls or siding. In addition to that, algae, mold and mildew settle on outside surfaces and start ‘munching away’ on it.



When you want to enjoy the outdoors and spend some relaxing time in your backyard, there is nothing worse than seeing a dirty, moldy fence! At Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning, we specialize in the thorough and careful restoration of all types of fences. We are able to banish various unwanted substances that are often either hard to reach or difficult to remove.

Our Fence Pressure Washing team will thoroughly clean every slat in your fence and eliminate discoloration, buildup, and stains. Our team works hard to restore your fence and improve your homes landscape. Our highly effective, EPA-approved cleaning agents do not damage the surface of your deck and are absolutely safe for you and your family. We are your premier choice for fence pressure washing services anywhere in Broward County and Palm Beach County!

Gutter Cleaning


Your gutter system is often left neglected.  It’s high up in the air and out of sight.  You would be surprised at how fast they can fill up with leaves, sticks and pine cones.  As rain runs off of your roof and into the gutter, the water and debris run towards the downspout.  Often times the debris will sit on top of the downspout and as it builds up, it creates a “plug” which prevents water from flowing down the spout.  Sometimes the debris makes it into the downspout and makes gutter cleaning difficult.  That’s where we come in…

When your gutters are clear of debris, the water flows through normally, allowing those simple tubes on the edge of your roof to channel water away from your house and protect your home from flooding and water damage. Your gutters won’t flow properly when they are full of debris, causing the water to spill onto your home and leaving unsightly water marks and maybe even causing damage to your home. Getting your gutters cleaned regularly will help prevent mold, mildew and other debris build up and help save you from any costly repairs in the future.



Awnings should be cleaned on a regular basis (every 60 to 180 days) to prevent pollutants from becoming embedded into the surface of the fabric which causes premature material failure. Also, the longer the residues remain in contact with the surface, the greater the chance that stains will become permanent.

Deposits of auto exhaust, air pollution, industrial fallout, mold, mildew, fungus, bird droppings and environmental dirt allowed to remain in contact for extended periods of time will cause deterioration of the threads thus breaking down the seams and bindings, shortening the life of your awnings. Keeping awnings properly maintained not only protects your awning investment but has the added benefit of attractive, clean awnings.



A dock is usually an enclosed place close to parks where boats are placed or repaired. It’s essential to clean the dock regularly; this is because docks easily collect dirt, bird droppings, spider webs, and dust. More so, wood docks get attacked by sun, moss insects, fish guts, foot traffic, rain, and morning dew.

Also, docks retain water for extended periods making them damp. This way, they attract pollen and fungal spores, which normally ether and result in ugly discoloration and algae. Therefore, pressure cleaning services for docks are crucial.

Pressure cleaning for docks entails blasting away black algae, mildew, or bio growth from the surface of your dock. The process gets rid of all the grime, unwanted debris and build-up associated with the aquatic environment.

Are you looking for experts in cleaning your dock? Aqua Force Pressure Cleaning Can Help!

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Marck Santee
Marck Santee
After neglecting to have the roof cleaned last year, there was a lot of buildup, but Carlos and his teammate spent many hours working it clean.
Steve Chusid
Steve Chusid
Great job ! The only company I will ever use HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Richard Kushner
Richard Kushner
Professional service, reliable and did a great job on my Roof and patio
Greg Roventini
Greg Roventini
Very professional. The crew arrived on time, worked hard and did a fantastic job on my driveway, patio and roof. Everything came out super clean, and pricing was given up front and was very reasonable. Highly recommend and will use again.
Aquaforce is my go to company for roof cleaning and now patio sealing. They are always a pleasure to work with, walk you through every step of the process and scheduling is easy. For roof cleaning they do a soft clean that I appreciate. And I just had my driveway sealed and can’t say enough about the service I received and how great the driveway and patio look now that the sealant is done.
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson
Fantastic and exceeded our expectations!
Terri M
Terri M
The team provided very quick response time and service.